Wake-up Call
Kanji ウェイクアップコール
Rōmaji Weiku appu Kōru
Air Date January 30, 2014
Director Chiaki Kon
Script Fumihiko Shimo
Animation Director Shinya Hasegawa
Opening Song Golden Time
Closing Song Sweet & Sweet Cherry
Episode 15 Episode 17

Wake-up Call (ウェイクアップコール Weiku appu Kōru) is the sixteenth episode of the Golden Time anime series, which aired on January 30, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

The accident results in Chinami having a bloody lip, a dent in the car's bumper, and a damaged guard rail that the Kaga family is financially responsible for. The group is escorted back to the city by the police. Upon arrival, Kōko gets slapped by her father, and the trip to Barcelona is cancelled. On the next day, Banri, Mitsuo, Chinami, and Nijigen meet up with all of them taking responsibility for the accident with Banri feeling the most at-fault for not keeping Kōko awake. Banri goes over to Kōko's home to talk with her, where Kōko is in her room unwilling to get out of bed. The accident reminds Kōko that she has been immature despite being an adult. Banri tells Kōko that despite needing to grow up that she needs to remain true to herself. Kōko tells Banri about a dream she had where she was riding in a car with Banri and at a place where they are told to stop the car, Kōko gets off and the car drives away, which makes her believe that if Banri should regain his memories that he would fall in love with Linda instead of her. Kōko's father enters her room and orders Banri to cook up some ramen, while Kōko gets back into bed.

Characters Edit

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