Hey guys, 

from looking on this forum page i can see that no one has posted any thoughts on Golden time which i find strange because the biggest question on my find is "will there be a season 2 or at least an ova of golden time?" i think of these ideas in my head of why there isnt anything more out yet, i dont want to impose that im impatient i mean i know that to create an amazing anime it takes time. I have a few ideas of what they could do for a next season or even an ova, i understand from watching golden time, i find that i was beautifully made from start to finish, the storyline is finished as far as i know as i dont see any cliffhangers in the last episode but something i was upset about was how much they rushed the last episode, i feel as if a lot happend in the last episode and that it could of been released over 2 episodes. I may be just saying this because i didnt want the anime to end. I think if they were going to do another season then it wouldnt be based around kaga koko and tada bandri as the main characters as we have had a whole 24 episodes based around them more or less. SPOILER ALERT, we have had the intro, becoming friends, confession of love, going out, tragic issue causing relationship to end, and then get back together. So to do another season on them would be silly unless they wanted to do a season on what if tada bandri went out with linda instead but i think a more preferable story for a season would be to base the storyline around the other group of friends that koko and bandri have, like the relationship between linda and mitsuo, and the other 2 which names escape my memory, but they could do a story based on them and still have koko and bandri in the storyline just not the main charaters. Another idea i had in my head and is something i want even more that a season 2 is either an ova or movie, i had this idea ever since i saw on a fan page on facebook for golden time an image of bandri and koko dressed up in some kind of wedding get up, which made me think what if they had a ova (i think personally they would make this an ova rather than a movie) made when both bandri and koko get married, it would show us the fans how the relationship between them has blossomed and moved on into tieing the knot between them. These are my thoughts and ideas, i hope you read this and comment back, i have tried to attach the picture i saw on facebook of the wedding picture so i can show you guys, i hope it worked. 

Golden time wedding pic