• Subzeroanime96

    Season 2/Ova's

    February 23, 2015 by Subzeroanime96

    Hey guys, 

    from looking on this forum page i can see that no one has posted any thoughts on Golden time which i find strange because the biggest question on my find is "will there be a season 2 or at least an ova of golden time?" i think of these ideas in my head of why there isnt anything more out yet, i dont want to impose that im impatient i mean i know that to create an amazing anime it takes time. I have a few ideas of what they could do for a next season or even an ova, i understand from watching golden time, i find that i was beautifully made from start to finish, the storyline is finished as far as i know as i dont see any cliffhangers in the last episode but something i was upset about was how much they rushed the last episode, i f…

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