Sato Takaya
Name: Sato Takaya
Kanji: 佐藤隆也
Rōmaji: Takaya Sato
Alias: Nijigen-kun *
Kanji:二次元くん 2D-kun
Date of Birth: December 4
Zodiac Sign: ♐ Sagittarius
Gender: Male Male
Age: 18-19
Height: 168 cm (5'6")
Weight: 125lbs
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Black
Self Status
Status: Active
Professional Status
Occupation: Student
First Appearance
Japanese: Takahiro Hikami
English: Brendan Hunter
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Sato Takaya (里 高屋 Takaya Sato) is a freshman and Banri's friend.

Appearance Edit

He has short black hair and wears glasses. He is near sighted.

Personality Edit

Sato Takaya dislikes "Real Girls" and prefers "2D women" over them, which creates his nickname "Nijigen" (二次元) which literally means two dimensional around his peers. The nickname was created during a club welcoming party where he declares that he would live in the two-dimensional world after stating his despair of the real world. After befriending Banri and having the chance to talk to "Real" women such as Linda and Koko, his view has thus changed prior his introduction to the show. It is noted that he attempts to make awful jokes to lighten up the mood at difficult times, and acts as the 3rd wheel in both Banri's relationship with Koko and Mitsuo's with Chinami.

Plot Edit

He appeared for the first time in the party of the Traditional Tea Club (next to the party room where Banri's at) dragged by both Shi and Sao, he then met Banri who was also forced to enter the party. As Banri refuses a drink that was offered by Shi and Sao, He was later on forced to have a battle with Sato.Sato then said "This is why I hate three dimensional girls!" and was later on called Nijigen (2-D kun) by everyone.

Trivia Edit

  • Nijigen (二次元) means Two-Dimensions
  • Takaya also seems to like Koko.

Quotes Edit

  • "Once you fall in love with someone, don't you go out of control and drive them crazy pursuing them single-mindedly?! Why aren't you going out of control now?!"
  • "This is why I hate three-dimensional girls! You're all weird, you jerks! From now on, I'm going to live in the world of 2D!"