Name: Sao
Kanji: 竿
Rōmaji: Sao
Alias: Sao-chan Senpai *
Date of Birth: March 2
Zodiac Sign: ♓ Pisces
Gender: Female Female
Age: 19-20
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Hair Color: Maroon
Eye Color: Green
Self Status
Status: Active
Relative(s): Shi (Sister/Close friend) {Never cleared}
Professional Status
Occupation: Second-Year Student
Affiliation: Traditional Tea Club
First Appearance
Japanese: Gotou Saori
English: Erika Harlacher
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Sao (竿 Sao) is a second-year student and member Traditional Tea Club, with Shi in first day university she met Banris and then offered him to join the club.

Personality Edit

just like Shi, she has her own wishes in deciding the nature of things, and sometimes she also compel others, as seen when she treats Banris and Nijigen.

Plot Edit

Sao and Shi meet Banri

Sao and Shi met Banri on the first day of college

on the first day of college, Shi and Sao arises when several extracurricular clubs also came to seek new members, Shi and Sao later met Tada Banri who are confused and then invited him to join the "Traditional tea club" Banri even on the day it was rejected. they then met again at a party after a successful 'kidnap' Banri to party again and they invite Banri again to join. Sao and Shi then seen again on the day where Banri and Mitsuo are looking for jobs, they offered them jobs but Banri and Mitsuo then run away, knowing that the job was offered certainly odd jobs.