Return To Yesterday (リターン・トゥ・イエスタディRitān tu Iesutadi) is the seventeenth episode of the Golden Time anime series, which aired on February 6, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

Banri arrives at the Golden Time restaurant where the Festival Club is setting up for a gathering at the Fireworks Extravaganza and the club members are strangely welcoming and eerily nice, which sets Banri on edge until he figures out that they are trying to comfort him after his and Koko's supposed breakup. But when Koko arrives they clear up the confusion, only to create a new misunderstanding with former fourth year members. Linda also arrives late and Linda, Koko and Banri discuss the accident and everyone's health related to it, which Banri asks about how she knew about it since she was out of town, but Linda answers vaguely. Linda then asks if Banri will be going home and he says he will, so Linda brings up that there will be a class renunion and wonders if Banri will come. After Koko makes the decision for him, Koko and Banri talk about how Banri is ready to face his past after their frank fight earlier, and Koko admits that her love for Banri has grown more after that fight, and encourages him to return home. The next day Banri is on a train home. Meanwhile, Chinami had invited Koko to help her unpack, and invites Koko to stay overnight, but while Koko denies that she was there to help and will not stay, she ends up staying with Chinami, where Chinami then reveals how she respects how amazing her love for Banri is. Elsewhere, at the club where Linda works, Mitsuo and Linda talk while she cleans and Mitsuo asks if telling her about the accident was a bad thing. Mitsuo then discovers that Linda will also be gone like Banri will be, and then sees her train tickets going to the same place as Banri, but when he presses her a bit about it and tries to playfully flirt, Linda storms off. The next day, 2D, Koko and Mitsuo are enjoying a treat at a cafe and Mitsuo and 2D discuss what they think they know about Banri's true situation with his amnesia, but when Mitsuo asks Koko about it she deflects the question and focuses on other things, leaving Mitsuo to brood on this new-found knowledge.

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