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Accident BeachBanri's MotherBanri's Spirit
Banri SpiritBanri TadaBanri Tada/Image Gallery
BlackoutBlackout in the SpringBody and Soul
Chinami OkaChinami Oka/Image GalleryDon't Look Back
Golden TimeGolden Time (song)Golden Time Original Soundtrack Vol.1
Golden Time Original Soundtrack Vol.2Golden Time WikiHis Chasm
I'll Be BackIn The MirrorKoshino
Kōko's FatherKōko KagaKōko Kaga/Image Gallery
Ladies TalkLast SmileLet's break together
LindaLinda/Image GalleryLonely Girl
Look on Front: don't look backLove Me Temporarily♡Masquerade (episode)
Mitsuo YanagisawaMitsuo Yanagisawa/Image GalleryMy Hometown
NIGHTMARENanaNana/Image Gallery
Nana (anime)Night EscapeNight In Paris
Nijigen/Image GalleryParadise LostReset
Return To YesterdaySaoSato Takaya
Sato Takaya/Image GalleryShiSpring Time
Stir-Fried Pork Belly of Hell 〜the seven deadly sins〜Summer Has ComeSweet & Sweet CHERRY
The♡World's♡EndTrouble PartyUnnamed daughter
Wake-up CallWinter JourneyWith You Again
Yes No
File:0753828a1c458f86981f0dc6916082b5.jpgFile:2013-11-11 08.40.49.jpegFile:2013-11-27 08.04.39.png
File:229511.jpgFile:2w4dxqf.jpgFile:A7b1d0ace63ce922ba0b3494957235841383261934 full.png
File:An Unexpected Confession.pngFile:Article.pngFile:B3bv36ZoGEXlC1joDoGBZVPTTE4.png
File:BD 1 Limited.jpgFile:Baeee.jpgFile:Banner.jpg
File:Banri's Impersonation of Koko.pngFile:Banri's Past.pngFile:Banri.png
File:Banri Arrives.pngFile:Banri Mother.jpgFile:Banri Spirit.png
File:Banri Tada.pngFile:Banri and Mitsuo Meet.pngFile:Banri in Highschool.jpg
File:Banri meets Linda.pngFile:Banri ♥ Kaga Do you need me?File:Banritada.jpg
File:CD GoldenTime Regular.jpgFile:CD GoldenTime Regular2.jpgFile:CD GoldenTime wDVD.jpg
File:CD TheWorldsEnd Regular.jpgFile:CD TheWorldsEnd wDVD.jpgFile:Chapter 1.png
File:Chapter 2.pngFile:Chapter 3.pngFile:Chapter 4.png
File:Characters.pngFile:Chibi linda.jpgFile:Chibi linda chinami.jpg
File:Chinami Oka.pngFile:Don't forget, Tada Banri.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Female.pngFile:FightingClimax Kōko.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Golden-Time-Linda.pngFile:Golden-Time.png
File:Golden Time(ゴールデンタイム) Ending Full - ▽Sweet & Sweet Cherry▽ ᴴᴰFile:Golden Time - 01 00.25.pngFile:Golden Time - 01 17.01.png
File:Golden Time - 07 00-13.pngFile:Golden Time - 07 10-48.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 01.11.png
File:Golden Time - 08 03.00.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 05.24.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 05.39.png
File:Golden Time - 08 06.20.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 06.35.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 07.54.png
File:Golden Time - 08 09.58.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 10.04.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 10.40.png
File:Golden Time - 08 11.05.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 11.35.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 12.45.png
File:Golden Time - 08 13.08.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 13.56.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 14.30.png
File:Golden Time - 08 14.33.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 14.44.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 15.06.png
File:Golden Time - 08 15.31.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 15.47.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 16.09.png
File:Golden Time - 08 16.14.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 17.13.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 17.44.png
File:Golden Time - 08 20.06.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 20.12.pngFile:Golden Time - 08 20.47.png
File:Golden Time - 08 21.58.pngFile:Golden Time Anime's 1st TrailerFile:Golden Time Anime Opening HD
File:Golden Time ED2 「半永久的に愛してよ ♡」(HD)File:Golden Time ED 2 Full HDFile:Golden Time Ending 1 (ED 1) (HD) - "Sweet & Sweet CHERRY" by Yui Horie
File:Golden Time Episode 2.pngFile:Golden Time Episode 3.pngFile:Golden Time Episode 4.png
File:Golden Time Episode 5.pngFile:Golden Time Episode 6.pngFile:Golden Time Op 2 Full "The World´s End"
File:Golden Time Opening 1 (OP 1) (HD) - "Golden Time" by Yui HorieFile:Golden Time ゴールデンタイム OP 1080p HDFile:Golden Time ゴールデンタイム Opening Full - Golden Time ᴴᴰ
File:Golden time wedding pic.jpgFile:Hell's Second Stage.pngFile:Helping.png
File:IMG 13253327239051.jpegFile:IMG 13256963278928.jpegFile:IMG 13267073192599.jpeg
File:IMG 13294175394362.jpegFile:IMG 13304472635743.jpegFile:IMG 13362638320270.jpeg
File:IMG 13368630475899.jpegFile:IMG 20140316 071647.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 071714.jpg
File:IMG 20140316 071723.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 071736.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 071747.jpg
File:IMG 20140316 071752.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 071822.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 071837.jpg
File:IMG 20140316 071904.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 071923.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 071947.jpg
File:IMG 20140316 071959.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 072005.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 072024.jpg
File:IMG 20140316 072048.jpgFile:IMG 20140316 072100.jpgFile:IMG 21479356812225.jpeg
File:IMG 21503684830736.jpegFile:IMG 21520358585661.jpegFile:IMG 21544664250214.jpeg
File:IMG 21558195764595.jpegFile:IMG 21580170754189.jpegFile:IMG 21599989623615.jpeg
File:IMG 21605514047367.jpegFile:IMG 21810987123508.jpegFile:IMG 21850043670276.jpeg
File:IMG 21890410263588.jpegFile:IMG 21981986462548.jpegFile:IMG 2379195433344.jpeg
File:I Like Pretty Ones.pngFile:Images (2).jpgFile:Images (34).jpg
File:Kaga Father.pngFile:Kogo's Deadly Kiss.pngFile:Kogo Feels Invisible.png
File:Koko Kaga Appears.pngFile:Koshino.jpgFile:Kouko.png
File:Kouko Kaga.pngFile:Kouko portal.pngFile:Kōko Kaga.jpg
File:Linda02.pngFile:Linda Blows a Kiss to Banri.pngFile:Linda catches Banri staring at her.jpg
File:Linda in the forest.jpgFile:Linda talking to Banri and Kouko.jpgFile:Male.png
File:Manga 1 cover.jpgFile:Media.pngFile:Mitsuo's Shock.png
File:Mitsuo.jpegFile:Mitsuo.pngFile:Mitsuo .jpg
File:Mitsuo Flees.pngFile:Mitsuo New.pngFile:Mitsuo Recalls Bad Memories.png
File:Nana1.jpgFile:Nana2.jpegFile:Nervous Banri.png
File:News.pngFile:Nijigen.pngFile:Nijigen meets Koko.png
File:Novel 01 cover.jpgFile:Novel 2 cover.jpgFile:Novel 3 cover.jpg
File:Novel 4 Cover.jpgFile:Novel 5 cover.jpgFile:Novel 6 Cover.jpg
File:Novel 7 Cover.jpgFile:Novel 8 Cover.jpgFile:Novel SS Africa.jpg
File:Novel SS Hyakunen.jpgFile:Novel SS Nijigenkun.jpgFile:Okachinami 4165.jpg
File:Pic 10.pngFile:Pic 11.pngFile:Pic 12.png
File:Pic 14.pngFile:Pic 16.pngFile:Pic 18.jpg
File:Pic 19.jpgFile:Pic 2.pngFile:Pic 22.png
File:Pic 3.pngFile:Pic 5.pngFile:Pic 6.jpg
File:Pic 7.jpgFile:Pic 8.jpgFile:Pic 9.png
File:Piccit kaga koko wallpaper i made d 1882773137.640x0.pngFile:Pizap2012.jpgFile:Poll.png
File:Sao1.jpgFile:Sato Takaya.pngFile:Sato Takaya2.png
File:Screenshot 2014-03-17-04-52-58-1.pngFile:Screenshot 2014-03-17-04-54-22-1-1.jpgFile:Screenshot 2014-03-17-04-54-22-1.png
File:Screenshot 2014-03-17-06-11-34-1.pngFile:Screenshot 2014-03-17-06-13-11-1.pngFile:Screenshot 2014-03-17-06-18-10-1.png
File:She Wasn't Listening.pngFile:Shi.jpgFile:Sinister nana.jpeg
File:Socialmedia.pngFile:TVアニメ【ゴールデンタイム】OP2「The World's End」File:Tada Banri.jpg
File:The Camp is here!.pngFile:The Two Scary Tea-Senpais.pngFile:This stage is mine.jpeg
File:Welcome, Neo Children.pngFile:Welcome.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-background.pngFile:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Yes No.png
File:Yui Horie - Love Me TemporarilyFile:Yui Horie - Love Me Temporarily-0File:» Golden Time ゴールデンタイム ED Ending 「Sweet & Sweet CHERRY」
File:堀江由衣「Golden Time」CMFile:堀江由衣「Golden Time」PV(YouTube Ver.)File:堀江由衣「The♡World's♡End」(YouTube Ver.)

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