I'll Be Back (アイル・ビー・バックAiru Bī Bakku) is the twenty-first episode of the Golden Time anime series, which aired on March 6, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

After the incident at the Awa dance festival, Banri fears of losing himself due to his memories from before his accident returning. Kōko tries to comfort Banri by having dinner with their friends at his apartment as he plans to tell them about his background and other recent troubles. Things went sour when Banri tried to invite Chinami but agreed to come nonetheless. At Banri's apartment, Chinami arrives earlier as planned as she plans to have a serious conversation with Banri before the others arrive. Chinami confesses that she felt relieved after seeing Banri being friendly with Linda as she was in love with Mitsuo and felt regret when she changed her appearance after cutting most of her hair. Following her outburst, Chinami asks Banri to film her in her dejected self. As Banri intends to tell Chinami about her past with Linda, Banri gets possessed by his former self and begins calling out for Linda until finally storming out his apartment but not before telling Linda and the others to not tell Kokō that his memories of his past are returning, not knowing that he was filmed all along by Chinami's camera. After being reassured by Mitsuo and Nijigen and made a recording of himself with Chinami's help, Kōko refuses to accept the ring Banri had presented to her and seemingly ended their relationship.

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